Some of your employees are going through a divorce right now.

What if you could make it less stressful and confusing for them? And less impactful to their work for you?

If you provide your employees with the Fresh Start online divorce course by PurplCouch as a benefit, they will:

  • Understand the legal, financial, and emotional aspects of divorce.
  • Move through the divorce process more smoothly and with less trauma.
  • Heal more quickly from this big life transition.

And that means your employees will spend less time away from work - and be more mentally present when they are there.


Fresh Start

Online Divorce Course

This video course from PurplCouch features interviews with divorce pros including an attorney, financial planner, tax preparer, couple and family therapist, and a child psychologist. Produced and organized by me, Sarah Lyman, Founder of PurplCouch: I'm a communications professional who's gone through her own divorce.

Help your employees with their fresh start by providing them access to this course as a benefit of their employment. We customize pricing for your organization's needs.

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Why would an employer supply this, when there’s Google and YouTube?

Excellent question. When I was going through my divorce, I Googled "how to get divorced" and it yielded more than 1 billion results. I read articles, watched videos and it was totally overwhelming. Which sources to trust? What are my options?

Fresh Start online course provides a single vetted source for all the person's needs - legal, financial, and emotional.

Productivity ...

drops by 40% during a divorce.


According to one study, in the months before and up to a year after their divorce, employee productivity suffers.


are impacted too.


Productivity of a divorcing person's co-workers drops by 4%, and their supervisor drops by 2.5%, as the team supports them emotionally, and picks up slack in their work.


will need to be involved.


Your divorcing employee will likely need to adjust health insurance coverage, retirement and pension plans, life and disability insurance, and adjust dependent claims.

Can your staff be productive on a rollercoaster? 

People going through a divorce are an emotional roller coaster. It's all so overwhelming - the paperwork, the finances, how to tell the kids, conflicting advice from well-meaning friends, the big decisions. Harvard Business Review estimated that not being fully present at work costs American business $150 billion annually. 

1920s photograph of rollercoaster labeled 'going through a divorce' with 'you' on the track and 'your friends and coworkers' looking on from the ground

What if there were a way to help your employees take back a little control during their divorce?

That’s exactly why I created Fresh Start online divorce course by PurplCouch. Participants get a picture of what to do next - legally and financially and with their children - to take control of the divorce journey. The course is self-paced, and can take as little as a week.


  • Imagine you could provide your employees with a divorce roadmap right when they needed it.
  • Imagine your staff could hear the top takeaways from five professionals who work every day in the field of divorce.
  • Imagine how supported your staff feel hearing divorce stories from folks who have been there - and who are thriving on the other side.

Fresh Start Course Content

What do your employees get when they enroll in Fresh Start? A series of videos (each 20 minutes or less), articles, and resources, organized into modules. I weave together advice from these five extraordinary divorce professionals.

Amanda Peden, Financial Planner

Tabitha Moore, Couple & Family Therapist

Keri Brown, Enrolled Agent & Tax Advisor

Paul Foxman, Psychologist

Nanci Smith, Collaborative Divorce Attorney


  • Understanding abuse Abuse takes many forms, and can happen to folks of any gender and sexual orientation.
  • Tunes to go with your divorce [so many songs] Music is my go-to when I'm up - and when I'm down.
  • My divorce story My divorce story in a nutshell, complete with fall - and rise.
  • So you just announced your divorce bingo, by Kimberly Harrington
  • Dear Ally Dear Ally, I'm so grateful to you. Here's how you can best support your person through their divorce.
  • Tabitha's Divorce Story Tabitha speaks candidly about the intersection of race and divorce.


  • The four types of divorce There are four types of divorce, each with their own pros and cons.
  • Collaborative divorce: a deep dive A deeper exploration of collaborative divorce.
  • Infidelity This TED talk by Esther Perel rocked my thinking on infidelity.
  • Selecting a divorce professional Tabitha shares tips for selecting a professional - or a team of professionals.


  • Assets & planning Splitting your marital assets can be complicated: here's what to expect.
  • Taxes Divorce will have a significant impact on your taxes. Here's what to expect.


  • Benefits & barriers to therapy Therapy can help you process the immediate stress of a divorce, and can guide you to a better understanding of yourself and your actions.
  • Sh*t my therapist says about: doom-scrolling I’m three quarters of my way through a $7 bottle of chardonnay.
  • How to thrive in your fresh start Deep breath. You've got a lot to consider as you make this big life change.
  • A final message to you You. Got. This.


  • How to tell your kids How and when to let your children know that you and your spouse are separating.
  • Children & divorce How to make your divorce easier on your children.
  • Case study: one child's expression Revealing a child's emotions and understanding of divorce through play.
  • Styles of co-parenting There are four styles of co-parenting after divorce.
  • Dos & don'ts for parenting after divorce Some tips for becoming cooperative parents.
  • Dating & step families Strategies for helping your children adjust to your dating after divorce.
  • Children & finances Decisions about child support and custody have financial ramifications.

Hi, I'm Sarah Lyman

When I was getting divorced from my husband, I didn’t know what I was doing. I spent hours searching Google, unsure of whom to trust, and feeling hopeless about the future. There had to be an easier way. With two decades in communications and design, I started interviewing divorce pros, and wove their advice into a video course to help others.

Why "PurplCouch"?

When I was furnishing my new home after my divorce, I suddenly realized that I didn’t need anyone else’s input on the furniture. I got this gorgeous velour purple couch. is a symbol of the empowerment we get when we look forward and write the next chapter of our lives. Oh, and one of the things I discovered after my divorce is that I enjoy watercolor painting! I'm still learning and all of the artwork on this site is mine.

I wish I had come across this before I started this journey. I would definitely recommend this to a friend. It was excellent. Period.


The design is beautiful, the content is well organized, the experts are terrific.


The course is cathartic, and I think this is a VERY good thing. It allows a safe space to grieve but also to be confident to move forward. Being able to pause to think and process conflicting emotions is important.


Ready to deepen your employee support?

Fresh Start Divorce Course

The expertise of divorce professionals is here. Are you ready to add PurplCouch's Fresh Start course as a benefit to your employees?

Contact Sarah today to make this incredible resource available for your team when they need it.

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