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Sh*t I Wish I Had Known in My Divorce

Download this free PDF for the 9 Things I Wish I Had Known when I was getting divorced. Save yourself time, money, and heartache.

Online courses to help you with your divorce.  

"What do I need to know when getting divorced?" Divorce doesn't have to be this tough. I've created two online courses to reduce the confusion and stress of the divorce journey. Let's start shifting your mindset from failed marriage to fresh start.

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Fresh Start

This comprehensive video course covers the legal, financial, and emotional information you need to be more empowered on your divorce journey. For less than the cost of 90 minutes with an attorney, and includes login for you & an ally.


Fresh Start

Divide Not Conquer

This short video course is laser-focused on getting your divorce finances organized. Includes access to Divide Not Conquer Finances Worksheet custom built for this course.


Divide Not Conquer


Self-paced, affordable, and it features a stellar team of educators. The whole package.


I wish I had come across this before I started this journey. I would definitely recommend this to a friend. It was excellent. Period.


The course is cathartic. It allows a safe space to grieve but also to be confident to move forward. Being able to pause to think and process conflicting emotions is important.


Meet the divorce professionals

In Fresh Start divorce course by PurplCouch, you'll hear directly from lawyers, financial planners, tax preparers, and therapists. I am so proud to know these amazing divorce professionals, and I'm in awe of the wisdom they bring. Read their bios >>

Financial Planner

Couple & Family Therapist

Enrolled Agent & Tax Advisor


Collaborative Divorce Attorney



Experts helping you on your divorce journey

  • A series of short step-by-step videos you can watch anytime
  • Registration for you and your ally - for this one price
  • Advice from experts in law, finance, taxes, and mental health -  these folks are amazing
  • Videos in four chapters: Law, Money, Kids, and Thrive
  • Checklists & resources to help you make your divorce plan
  • Stories from folks who went through tough divorces - and who are now thriving on the other side
  • Spotify playlist 🎡 Tunes to Go With Your Divorce 🎡 ('cause we're allowed to have a little fun)

All for less than the cost of a 90-minute session with an attorney.

Fresh Start

Divide Not Conquer

Divorce Finances Online Course

In this short video course from the divorce resource hub PurplCouch, we walk through exactly what you need to know to get your divorce finances organized. You'll get access to Divide Not Conquer Finances Worksheet - a spreadsheet tool custom-built for this course. And you can do this in about a weekend.


Divide Not Conquer

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Being called a "Nick Fury of divorce" by Jordan Adams of Seven Days? Possibly the biggest compliment of my life.

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I'm Sarah Lyman, nice to meet you

When I was getting divorced from my husband, I didn’t know what I was doing. I spent hours on Google, unsure of whom to trust, and feeling hopeless about the future. There had to be an easier way. So I started this course. I have nearly two decades in communications and design, so I started weaving together advice from experts into something organized and accessible to help others.

Personally... faves include Star Trek TNG, Queer Eye, hiking, kayaking, scuba diving, and listening to live jazz. One of the things I discovered after my divorce is that I enjoy watercolor painting: I'm still learning and all of the artwork on this site is mine.

[email protected]


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Why "PurplCouch"?

When I was furnishing my new home after my divorce, I suddenly realized that I didn’t need anyone else’s input on the furniture. I got a gorgeous velour purple couch. is a symbol of the empowerment we get when we look forward and write the next chapter of our lives.

What will be your "purple couch" moment?

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PurplCouch is a place of inclusion for all genders and orientations.

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