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What if you felt more confident about your divorce finances?

With Divide Not Conquer from PurplCouch, you’ll get your divorce finances organized. You’ll learn what is - and potentially is not - a marital asset. You’ll be ready for those difficult “who gets what” conversations with your spouse. And you'll start thinking about your own future finances.

Divide Not Conquer

Divorce Finances Online Course

In this short video course from the divorce resource hub PurplCouch, we walk through exactly what you need to know to get your divorce finances organized. You'll get access to Divide Not Conquer Finances Worksheet - a spreadsheet tool custom-built for this course. And you can do this in about a weekend.


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Does this sound like you? 

✋ You are feeling overwhelmed by all the paperwork of divorce.
✋ You are not sure you have a handle on the household finances.
✋ You are not sure who’s getting what in the divorce.
✋ You’d like to settle things out of court - and with as little pain as possible.

What if there were a way to truly understand your marital finances so you can move forward empowered for the next step?

That’s exactly why I created Divide Not Conquer by PurplCouch. This short digital course is laser-focused on getting your divorce finances organized.


  • You have all your household finances organized in one place.
  • You understand how a judge might decide to split your assets if your divorce went to court - and you know the divorce options that don’t involve going to court.
  • You feel confident going into a negotiation with your spouse.
  • Your financial goals are in place to move forward after your divorce.

Hi, I'm Sarah Lyman

When I was getting divorced from my husband, I didn’t know what I was doing. I spent hours searching Google, unsure of whom to trust, and feeling hopeless about the future. There had to be an easier way. With two decades in communications and design, I started interviewing divorce pros, and wove their advice into a video course to help others.

Why "PurplCouch"?

When I was furnishing my new home after my divorce, I suddenly realized that I didn’t need anyone else’s input on the furniture. I got this gorgeous velour purple couch. PurplCouch.com is a symbol of the empowerment we get when we look forward and write the next chapter of our lives. What will be your "purple couch" moment? Oh, and one of the things I discovered after my divorce is that I enjoy watercolor painting! I'm still learning and all of the artwork on this site is mine.

Divide Not Conquer -  Course Content

What do you get when you enroll in Divide Not Conquer? You’ll get immediate access to a short video series. You’ll also get Divide Not Conquer Finances Worksheet, a custom spreadsheet I co-created with Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Amanda Peden.

Amanda Peden, Financial Planner

Sarah Lyman, PurplCouch Founder

Lesson 1

Marital Assets & Financial Scenarios

[14 minute video]

We go over what is - and potentially is not - a marital asset. We talk about how a judge might divide up your finances if you went to court. And we talk about your divorce options besides litigation.

Lesson 2

Worksheet Walk-through 

[9 minute video]

The Divide Not Conquer Divorce Finances Worksheet is pretty powerful, and will help you get all your finances in one place. This video is a detailed walk-through of the tool.

Lesson 3

Finances & Your Future

[12 minute video]

We talk about how goal-setting is critical to the divorce process. I share negotiation strategies and resources I found really helpful during my divorce.


Divide Not Conquer Finances Worksheet

[Downloadable worksheet]

You will have access to download a custom spreadsheet - available as a Google Sheet or an Excel spreadsheet - to enter your income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and more.

All this for $17?!


It's a short course with quick results.

This week, I have been feeling a growing sense of empowerment thanks to your Divide Not Conquer videos and financial spreadsheet. More than just practical, DNC is bringing me back to myself. The final spreadsheet tab brought me to tears - when did I stop dreaming?

- Julie

How Does This Work?

Step 1 Enroll in the course.

Step 2 Check your email inbox for your login info so you can jump right in.

Step 3 Follow the course, watch the videos, download the worksheet, and start entering your information.

Step 4  Start thinking differently about your divorce. Begin re-framing from “failed marriage” to “fresh start”.


Money Back Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with this course, contact me within 30 days of purchase and I will refund 100% of your money. No hoops or stress.

Let's Get Started

You are...


Just thinking about divorce.

Maybe things aren’t right with your partner but you haven't made any decisions. This course gets right into the finances of a divorce, so you’ll be empowered to have those difficult conversations if the time comes.

On the divorce journey.

Maybe you made the decision and are ready to move forward - or maybe you’re still in shock about this big life change. This course will prepare you to make those financial decisions.

Divide Not Conquer 

Divorce Finances Online Course

 This course price is very likey to go up - grab it now before it does. Registration includes videos, resources, and the custom worksheet. 

Are you ready to start re-framing your divorce from failed marriage into fresh start?