What’s your go-to breakup song? 🎵

Oct 10, 2022
Medieval painting of person playing violin, and another person bent into an O-shape. Caption reads, When you're an introvert recovering from a breakup, but the party has a banging DJ.

Divorce is hard, and full of loss, grief, and disruption. And at the same time, we know that there are moments in there that are ridiculous, hilarious—even poignant. Dangit we need to breathe and smile again.

And so, as you may have seen in my last note, I’m co-hosting a party called Plus One Optional: A Party to Destigmatize Divorce.  Yes, a party with people, music, and snacks!

Firstly, you are invited. It’s Thursday, October 27 in Burlington, VT. Tickets are $5—details here.

Secondly, I need your help. Regardless of whether you can attend. Actually, especially if you cannot attend.

I need song recommendations for our DJ. Got a danceable breakup song to recommend? You know I love music, and am building an ever-growing Spotify playlist Tunes to Go With Your Divorce. Some songs are for hating on your ex; others are melancholy—and some have great dancing beats. We need more of those danceables for our party. Email me with your song picks!



PS: I created an online course Fresh Start to help folks with their divorce. Watch a series of short video interviews with experts on the legal, financial, emotional, and co-parenting aspects you need to know, and emerge whole. We got you—and you got this.

🎨 I snagged that medieval painting from the internet and could not find its source, though goodness it appears in a lot of memes, so I guess I'm not that original.

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