5 Things Ted Lasso 📺 Taught Me About Divorce

Jun 04, 2023
Photo of the world on fire with Will Ferrell shouting 'Have you watched Ted Lasson yet?'

(Don’t worry, there are no Ted spoilers here 🙂)

Oh goodness, I finished the final Ted Lasso episode last night and YES OF COURSE I started crying FROM THE MOMENT it started.

It’s a beautiful and joyful series from start to finish, and if you haven’t seen it, read to the end of this note for a surprise gift from me.

The show follows many characters' ups and downs with romance and urges us to find balance between holding one another accountable while extending forgiveness.

Here are 5 things I learned about divorce from Ted Lasso:

  1. It’s not giving up, it’s letting go. (S1E5 Tan Lines)
  2. You have to own up to the part that you played in even the most horrible of relationships. (S1E7 Make Rebecca Great Again)
  3. It’s the lack of hope that kills you. (S1E10 It’s the Hope that Kills You)
  4. Even though it's called Girl Talk, sometimes it needs to be more like: Girl, Listen. (S2E1 Goodbye Earl)
  5. You deserve someone who makes you feel like you've been struck by f*ckin' lightning. Don't you dare settle for “fine.” (S2E1 Goodbye Earl)

And now for your 🎁 gift.

>>>>> I so want you to experience the joy of Ted Lasso that I am discounting my courses by $6.99. That's not much, you say, but it's exactly the cost of one month of Apple+. Watch for a month alongside my course, and tell me what you think of the show!
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Sarah 🖖


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