How do you keep kids at the center of divorce 🍭 and not in the middle of it?

Jul 16, 2023
Screenshot of podcast episode with Sarah Lyman of PurplCouch

Are you wondering how to navigate divorce with your children?

Alyssa Campbell is an expert in childhood emotional development. She and I talked recently on her podcast about how to keep children at the center of divorceand not in the middle. But how do you do that logistically and emotionally? Tune in to listenshe's amazing!

What's best for the kid … can be at odds for what feels right for us. And just acknowledging how hard that is.

Alyssa Campbell, Seed & Sew

We had such an incredible conversation: Listen here


Alyssa is one of the experts in PurplCouch’s Fresh Start online video course. Hear directly from a divorce attorney, financial advisor, couples and family counselor, and many more. You’ll emerge understanding all your options for less than the cost of an hour with a lawyer.

Sarah 🖖

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