The worst divorce advice 🔥 I’ve ever heard

Aug 03, 2023
Bonfire in the dark

The worst divorce advice I’ve ever heard was the one I treasured the most.

I was reeling from the news that my husband wanted a divorce. To me it felt so sudden, but he said he was unhappy for awhile, and then he admitted some uncool behavior. I was devastated.

My dear friend found out, and she was swift and immediate with her advice.

“Throw all his clothes in the driveway and burn them!”

Best. Friend. Ever.

I was crying and laughing so hard I literally got snot all over the phone. It’s a good friend that can give you that kind of horrible advice and trust that you won’t actually do it.

(Though if I HAD done it, she would have brought the lighter fluid. 🔥)

When your friends trash your ex, it can feel good because it’s an expression of their support for YOU. They have your back. But ultimately—and we know this in our hearts—it’s not great “advice” when it comes from anger and revenge.

For me, I needed some time to vent about my ex, in a safe place, with very trusted friends. AND AT THE SAME TIME I still had affection for him, and good memories. That same friend listened to me talk about how much I missed him and our marriage. She kept showing up for my rollercoaster.


What about you, have you received greator terribleadvice? Email me and share. I’m here for it all.


Sarah 🖖

PS: If someone you know is on that divorce journey, send them the gift of information. Grab access to my course Fresh Start, which includes two logins so it really is (just a tiny) bit less lonely.


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