Divorce finances 🤑 got you 🤒?

Feb 19, 2022

*Full transparency: I would like to sell something to you. It costs $17 and it could really help with your divorce finances.*
Read on …


Does this sound like you?

✋ You are feeling overwhelmed by all the paperwork of divorce.
✋ You are not sure you have a handle on the household finances.
✋ You are not sure who’s getting what in the divorce.
✋ You’d like to settle things out of court - and with as little pain as possible.

I created a new course to help explain marital finances so you can move forward empowered for the next step. It's called Divide Not Conquer.

This super short digital course is laser-focused on getting your divorce finances organized. Imagine:

  • You have your finances organized in one place.
  • You understand how a judge might decide to split your assets if your divorce went to court - and you know the divorce options that don’t involve going to court.
  • You feel confident going into a negotiation with your spouse.
  • Your financial goals are in place to move forward after your divorce.

When you register, you get access to:

  • 🖥️ A series of three short videos about divorce finances
  • 📈 Divide Not Conquer Finances Worksheet - a custom spreadsheet I co-created with Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Amanda Peden.

I priced this course at $17. (Crazy low, right? People are telling me I need to raise the price.) Hopefully you feel it is a huge value.


I invite you to take a peek (or you know, buy it) - more information here:

👉🏽👉🏽 Welcome to Divide Not Conquer


Write and tell me what you think!


Sarah 🖖

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