Ice cream and snarkiness on this Valentine’s Day 💜

Feb 14, 2023
Watercolor conversation hearts. One is inked with the words 'You Are Enough'

First up: I’ve had many folks sign up for this newsletter recently, so if you’re new here, welcome. 💜 Wherever you are on the divorce journey, you’re in the right place here.


We’re coming up on Valentine’s Day. I mean, who could miss it? Everywhere it’s pink hearts and red roses.

Do you feel it’s a lovely reminder to nurture our relationships—or a capitalistic hijacking of emotion? If you’re newly out of a relationship, it may even be reminding you of what you want, what you used to have, (or what you thought you used to have 🙄.)

My local ice cream shop crushes it every year with their special Valentine’s Day flavors based on rom-coms.

And so, I was inspired to create ice cream flavors for those less googly-eyed in love...

The Chip on the Shoulder 🍦

Chocolate ice cream loaded with chips of chocolate and butterscotch, topped with Sour Patch Kids. A strange balance of optimism and bitterness, which leaves you thinking, “Whatever, it’s fine.”

The Ex 🍦

Mint ice cream with swirls of strawberry preserves, dotted with toasted macadamia nuts. It seemed fresh and exciting at the time but turned out to be nutty. Contains allergens. May select again in a moment of weakness.

The Envy 🍦

Green pistachio ice cream laced with salted caramel. Sweet, salty, and definitely green AF. No matter what other flavor you order, you'll wish you'd gotten this one.

The Trophy🍦

Vanilla ice cream with funfetti cake pieces, topped with a ring pop. Those empty calories are fun and sweet, but will it last? Who cares! Good for you!

If you love this day, I’m so glad and hope you have a fantastic time *not sarcasm.* If you hate this day, don’t worry! It only lasts 24 hours, and then the candy will be 40% off!

With LOVE to you,

Sarah 🖖

Is that the Vulcan salute?! Yep, I’m Star Trek fan. What does this have to do with divorce? Nothing. I’m just leaning into my dorkiness, which I highly recommend for everyone.

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