Sexuality, Spirituality 🌠 & Emotional Intelligence

Jan 20, 2023
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What do sex, god, and emotion have to do with divorce, you’re asking?

I recently chatted with three extraordinary women on how divorce intersects with their areas of expertise. I am super pumped to be adding their voices to my Fresh Start course soon. If you’ve already purchased the course, you’ll receive access when I post them!

But I couldn’t wait to share just a few soundbites with you right now.


We’re taught in this culture that our sexuality exists only with another person. As in, ‘I am sexual because I do this with that person.’ And to break free from that, to realize actually, that sexuality is ours, inherently, is very challenging and liberating.

Beth Hankes, Owner of Earth + Salt, a pleasure-centered and inclusive adult store in Burlington, VT.

What about you? Has the way you think about your sexuality changed during the divorce process? Some folks feel it will never happen for them again, while others feel suddenly more vibrant.

Emotional Intelligence

When someone is having a hard timewhether their toy blocks got knocked down, or they’re separating from their spouseI don't want you to solve it, or minimize it, or make it go away. I want you to say, ‘Oh, that sucks.’ And just sit with them a minute. And that’s so much harder to do. And it's a very beautiful way to walk through the world.

Alyssa Blast Campbell, Co-creator of the collaborative emotion processing method, and founder of Seed & Sew.

What about you? What are you noticing about your emotions during your divorce process? Are you needing more time to cool down from anger; or recover from sadness; or maybe you are becoming joyful thinking ahead to your fresh start?


I think that we can find meaning through our experience of grief and through divorce, but that comes from inside, and can't be imposed by someone else. Platitudes like ‘God doesn’t give you more than you can handle’ are not helpful in my experience.

Kristabeth Atwood, a “pastor who doesn’t do church,” and founder of Rites of Passage

What about you? Have you been thinking about your faith or spirituality during this process? How has that manifested for you?


I can't wait to share more. I have much work ahead of me to weave their wisdom into my course!


Sarah 🖖

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