That roasting pan & other things I miss about my ex

Nov 29, 2021
Shelf piled with various pans

I was excited to make a pumpkin cheesecake for my family this Thanksgiving and I had all the ingredients but where the h*ll is that roasting pan? I knew I had it. I searched high and low in my apartment.

But it turns out that roasting pan went to my ex-husband during our divorce.

UGGGGH. I was instantly irritated and sad and angry and mopey all over again. In my mind, I started blaming him again, for the way our relationship ended, for our difficult conversations, and definitely for whatever imperfections were about to befall me and my cheesecake.

But then I thought, “Sarah, deep breath. You don’t need him or his roasting pan to be a complete human. Adapt. Turn forward. Make a new plan.”

So here’s what saved the day:


This hurdle turned out to be a simple one - and for $3.98 I was able to move on. (They’re not all so easy, right?) The cheesecake was divine, and it was neither his fault, nor his success.

And heck, we should all be on the lookout for pans and partners who are “Super Strong; Extra Deep” ;)

Sarah πŸ––

Sarah Lyman, PurplCouch Founder

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