Dear Deflatoland lawn decorations, I feel your pain

Dec 12, 2021
Deflated lawn decorations

I seem to be drawn to the Deflatoland lawn decorations this time of year. Sure, last night the snowman stood proud and tall and shone brightly, but this morning he’s in a sad heap, his head draped haphazardly over the shriveled rhododendron. And Snoopy, once the revered World War I Flying Ace, today lies emaciated, piled atop his plane on a snowy lawn. I can’t look away.

I think I know how they feel because I’ve been through a divorce. When he left me, it felt so sudden, and not my choice. And I felt completely … Deflated. There’s no other word that works for me. I felt no air in my lungs, no levity in my posture. I was a two dimensional shape on the ground.

(I acknowledge that this analogy falls apart eventually, ‘cause who wants to be in a cardboard box in the attic for the remainder of the year, but you get the point.)

But after some time, my extension cord got plugged back in. I started to feel good about myself again. And I inflated. If you’re in a hard place right now, know that someday you’ll again be filled with air and lightness, and you’ll come whirring back to life.

Sarah ๐Ÿ––

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