You want to take your top off?

Dec 27, 2021

A few months ago, I walked into a nearby fast food chain to get a coffee. I placed my order and set my travel mug down on the counter for the clerk to fill.

She nods, punches in the order, then asks, “You want to take your top off?”

I looked up at her, blinked twice, and blurted out, “It’s been awhile since anybody asked me that!” She burst into laughter, and suddenly we are two strangers on a Tuesday at 3pm giggling like teenagers.

Driving away, I realized that since my divorce I hadn’t had much physical intimacy, and gosh I missed it.

Perhaps more lasting of a realization for me though, is that camaraderie between two people can be spontaneous. We can create these moments - intentionally or unintentionally - by being vulnerable. Closing down sometimes feels protective (especially if you were burned by an ex-spouse), but it also means missing wonderful moments of levity with our fellow humans. I keep learning this lesson.

I sincerely hope that wherever you are on your divorce journey, when you’re ready, someone asks you to take your top off. And it’s either funny - or really really fun.

Sarah πŸ––

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