Would you ask ChatGPT 🖥️ about your marriage?

May 05, 2023
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Imagine that your friend is in a struggling marriage, and having an affair. One night they ask ChatGPT what they should do. Based on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) bot’s response, they decide to end their marriage and move in with their new lover. Can you believe that this really happened?!

I have mixed feelings about AI - I’m excited for the potential, and nervous about misinformation.

Will AI replace therapists? Or attorneys? Financial advisors?

I don’t think so.

My online course Fresh Start has come at exactly the right time. These (human) folks are vetted divorce experts - and you know you’re getting accurate information backed by decades of experience.

There’s no doubt that AI will bring huge change, full of complex pros and unintended consequences.

But for fun, I asked ChatGPT to write us a funny haiku about divorce:


Divorce can be tough,
But at least you'll have more space,
For your stuff, and cat.

Spooky, right? ;)


What do YOU think about AI + Divorce?

Sarah 🖖😽

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