How to know when to 🚢🏽?

Apr 09, 2023
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If you’ve been reading my emails for a while, (oh, if you’re new, welcome!), you may have gleaned that my divorce was not initiated by me. It was harsh, a total surprise, and it hit me hard. I often write from that perspective, but I know there are many who are the ones making the difficult choice to leave.

“How do you know when it's right to make a decision that is so often full of doubt, guilt, consequences for other people?”

Does this describe your experience?

That quote above was not about divorce—the speaker was describing someone leaving their home in Ukraine. (It's a great episode of This American Life, check it out.)

And yet those same feelings arise with breaking up. If you’re struggling with a decision to leave, you’re likely weighing so many things—your happiness, the memories of good times, family, finances, children, spirituality.

Are you nodding your head right now?

Sometimes the situation is starkly clear that something needs to change: abuse, addiction, infidelity, deceit. And even then it can be difficult to make the next step.

If you’re considering leaving your partner, know that you are not alone in having complicated feelings about it. Even if you’re not ready to file papers yet, I know you will find clarity in the information from the experts I interviewed for Fresh Start. You’ll gain insight on the types of questions to ask (yourself) your own attorney or think about financial ramifications before you do anything. And if you are ready, these pros have the next steps for you.

Helping re-frame divorce and your next steps is a critical part of healing, and an important part of my courses.

I invite you to take the class.


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