My V-Day strategy ain’t chocolate

Feb 07, 2022
A woman sits at a table covered in food staring at a man playing a lute, with the caption

Want to know my Valentine’s Day strategy?

It’s gotten me through the happy googly-eyed times when I had a partner. It’s gotten me through the “meh” times when the partner forgot/didn’t care/wasn’t around/was being a dinkus. And it got me through the solo V-Days.

You can keep your chocolate, flowers, and jewelry. I want some music.

It’s my go-to self-care strategy. When I’m lost (or excited, or pretty much any emotion), I turn to music. If you’ve already taken my Fresh Start course, maybe you’ve listened to my Spotify playlist “Tunes to Go With Your Divorce.” So I thought I’d share a few here - these are YouTube links so you don't need a Spotify account. They're organized by divorce emotion 'cause that's how we roll around here.

Note that many of these songs have explicit lyrics, so grab those headphones if you have little ones around. Unless you’ve been looking for the opportunity to discuss the complexity of human expression delivered with appropriate context. In other words, “Sorry kid, only Lizzo can use that word in this house.”


I want to stay on the floor sobbing

Bitter much?

Feeling melancholy, but I’m ok

See ya, I’m ready

Pffft, I don’t need you anymore

Get back up and RISE


Hang in there, and crank those V-Day tunes. (Got one I should add? Send it along!)

Sarah 🖖

PS: Looking to reframe your divorce situation? I’ve got a course for you.

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